Marko Bogdanovski

Web Enthusiastic IT Guru

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    class KnowledgeBase
        public $job                = array("Software Developer", "Application Penetration Tester", "Philanthropist");
        public $skills             = array("Social Engineering", "Creating things from nothing", "Thinking like a malware");

        public $web_development    = array("HTML5", "CSS" => "LESS", "Javascript" => "React", "PHP" => "Native");
        public $system_development = array("C", "C#", "VB6", "Python");

        public function BasicInfo()
            $name        = "Marko Bogdanovski";
            $birth_date  = "17. January, 1997";
            $location    = "Serbia";
            $languages   = array("Serbian" => "Native", "English" => "Professional Proficiency", "German" => "Elementary Proficiency");

        public function Contact()
            $linkedIn = "";
            $github   = "";
            $email    = "";

My life saga

I was always thrilled about computers and technology itself. The ability to give that machine instructions, and get back the results that you wanted was something that made me (still makes me) feel like a magician. I still remember the day I've finally installed internet and connected my PC to the wonderland.

Unlike many others googling their names, first thing I googled was "Software for making software" and that's how all started. Made my first Software in december of 2008, and it was mix of calculator and notepad. Fast forward six months later and countless sleepless nights, I've started developing anti-virus, with my friend, called Fire File32 released in autmn of 2009 (Remainings of my first useful tool can still be found on Balkan forums).

Shortly after I've started working with web technologies because of rapid IT development and easier job finding.

The last couple of years I've spent developing various programming skills, which are mostly web oriented. Somewhere in-between I've discovered a great potential and passion for Back-End Development.

Developing my own alternatives of almost every popular website on the internet just for the sake of knowledge gain helped me to learn and understand new things.

My core competency lies in complete end-end management of a new website development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business.

Everything combined, with the eagerness to learn new / more things and improve myself, have made me the person I'm today.

My biggest achievements are private CMS (Content management system) built from scratch and landing a job in one of the biggest telecommunication company in region shortly after graduating from high school. That was proof of my knowledge.

I'm interested in startup companies with passion towards programming, just like me. That's also the reason why I don't prefer using frameworks as it takes away all the joys of programming. I love to code, I love to experiment and learn new things, that's the reason why I have passion for Startups. With frameworks in place you already have set of rules and standards that make it harder to think outside of the box.
Tons of built in functions that are not being used half of the time and probably most important thing, questionable security.

By making projects from scratch (Before I've made my CMS) I've learn how to deal with security issues. How to protect myself and the code. By building custom project you have more control over what's going on under the hood and makes process of optimization overall better.

I believe in 5-10 years we will see complete shift towards web apps as popularity of many javascript based technologies being pushed further and further.

You think that I have what it takes to make your idea come to life?
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